Year: 2023

My Top Tip.

Today, I have made a poster for my top tip for chromebooks shortcuts and my favourite shortcut is ctrl + 9 to go back to the last tab in the window. I enjoyed making the back round for the poster and the word art.

Fridays voyage.











On friday, we had a competition where whoever built the best boat, that can float, and sturdiest boat and came 1 st will win and will verse Room 7’s champion in the same race, for our topic, NAVIGATION. We were trying to figure out how the polynesians travelled across the sea without a compass and map. That’s when it came to us when we watched a YOUTUBE VIDEO on how they traveled across the sea. It seems that they used a special kind of compass called, STAR COMPASS. They used the sun and stars to travel to more islands to live on. So, Ms Cunningham gave us 1 day to get us the supplies and design for the boat and start building the next day, but first, we had to get into groups, you guys can recruit whoever you want in your group, ok? I went in the smart but also the argument group and I did the design and got the supplies with Fatima. On the next day, we got to building and gathering the supplies we needed to build the boat to race against the other groups and win the competition. My teammates were Bronson, Fatima, Primrose, Timothy, and Beautiful . Beautiful did the Painting  job, Bronson and Primrose did the building job, and me and Fatima got the supplies. We built the boat but we were missing something, the hot glue gun, but they didn’t have any glue gun so we used duct tape and made a raft with two bottles at the bottom for it to float. Later in the day, we decided that whoever wins, gets a mystery prize on Monday, but that never happened. We went to the pools and started the race. Zion’s group won by cheating as he had pushed the boat at the start of the race, my group came 2nd, Liku’s came 3rd and Oli’s came 4th, and that’s how Friday was a voyage, to me, it was.

Hi, I’m Divine, and this is my blog profile

Kia ora! My name is Divine, I go to Glen Innes School. I am in Year 5 and my teacher is Miss Cunningham. My favourite subject is Math and experimenting and I enjoy learning about Math, writing, and experimenting.  I am good at Soccer, maths, writing, and experimenting.  My goal for this year is to boost my reading level. In my spare time I like to Train for soccer, and reading to boost my reading level, that is actually my goal to achieve at the end of the year. My favourite colour is red. My favourite food is pizza, fries, burger, and taco’s.