Kia ora ,my name is Divine , I am 8 years old , I live in AuckLand , and I live in Glen Innes .  I am the youngest in my family , I have 3 brothers and 3 sister’s . Their names are Akawhotu ( Thomas ) , Tan , Vedel , Josiah , Eloida and last but not least , Angel , also my mum and dad . My oldest brother , Akawhotu also known as Thomas , helps us to survive  , my  2nd old brother , Tan , he stopped working because he wants to have a better work , my older sister , Vedel , works at Carl’s Junior but she got a scholarship to somewhere I don’t know , my 3ird oldest , Josiah , plays basketball because he is fast and strong , my 2nd older sister , Eloida , is smart just like my other siblings , my old sister , Angel , is a good gamer and a good sports player just like my brother , Josiah . And then there I am , I am a good gamer and good at soccer .

I’ve played hot potato , basketball , touch , rugby and tennis . I haven’t played those games before but I tried to win and I’m good at hot potato . I kind of want to play ping pong because you don’t have to run around , unlike tennis . I know how to hold a ping pong bat properly , you hold it like a pencil , but you can hold it any way you want because sometimes , holding it like a pencil will hurt , my family goes on crazy adventures , and that’s all my family do ,

The end .

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