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Sailing Trip.

Sailing Trip.

Yesterday, my class and I went to Okahu bay for a water program called “New Navigators”.

First, we had to get to school before 8:40, and some of us did. Inoke and Jaiksyn arrived just before we left, and Sapphire came after her road patrol session. She rushed to the line, and as they did, we saw a bus. We thought that it was our bus, but it turned out that it wasn’t. It was the tech bus for the year 8’s and 7’s. So we waited for the bus to arrive. While we were waiting, we saw some kids arrive to school late, and we saw them. One of the kids ran out of school as fast as he could, but to be honest, it looked pretty slow. He looked like that monster snail from monsters, and the snail said, “Oh no. I’m gonna be late again.” Or something like that. He ran out while riding his scooter, and one of the teachers that was coming with us said, “Hold on Steven. Where are you going?” Said Ms Lammas. “I’m going to get my bag,” said Steven. “Where are you going to get your bag?” said Ms Lammas, “At home.” And Ms Lammas was pissed off at him. “GET BACK INTO YOUR CLASS RIGHT NOW, STEVEN! You can’t get your bag from home during school.” And back Steven went to his class.

Next, the bus arrived at 9:00. We went into the bus and found a good place to sit, which was at the back. But I went to the front, and everyone else that was sitting at the back did the same as well, for Ms Peterson said that since it was only us going on the trip, we all had to sit in front of Devinah. Anyone who was sitting, we passed her, wuld stay, so we all sat next or in front of Devinah. I sat next to her.

Then, we arrived at Okahu bay. We were greeted at the entrance by a woman named Kim. She introduced us to the staff members, their names were Jamie, Jake, Lola and Sophia. We had morning tea, to have some energy to last until the next learning and sailing session. Then they gave us rashtops, aqua fleeces, helmets, and life jackets. We went to the boys and girls bathroom, and got changed. I came out, looking like a pro sailor, and I was. They put us into our groups, and I was in group A, with Liku, Devinah, Jaiksyn, April, and Sapphire. They introduced us to how we put the little sail in the front, how to control the mainsail, to look out for the mainsail, and how to steer the boat. My group was up first, so we went into the water. I was a professional at sailing the boat. Liku, who was in my group, nearly flipped the whole boat, until I came in the clutch. I pulled one of the little sail ropes, which blew some wind into the little sail, and gave the boat a little push up. Then me and Liku went for a swim, we put away the little sail though, so the boat wouldn’t drift away without us.

After that, my group and I went onto the speed boat, so we could learn about different kinds of knots for tying the boat near the share. The two kinds of knots that we learnt are called figure 8 knot and reef knot. I won’t explain how to do these knots, cause I don’t know how to describe and elaborate them. But what I can tell you is what else happens next. So we do the knots, and then the next lunch break comes, I get my Raro water bottle, have a drink, and finish the bottle. Then my group goes into the speed boat. We went full speed, and 90 percent of the full speed. Then we went back.

Finally, it was time for us to go back to school. We got changed, and went to sit down for our goodbyes. Then Kim told us that it was their last time being open until October, and that it was Jake’s final day being at Okahu bay, New navigators. We said goodbye to them, and went back to school.

In conclusion, I had a fantastic time there, and I can’t wait until they open again in October.