The Rizzler is back in town.

A trip for the Rizzler.

Yesterday, at 11:55, My class and I went to Manukau, for the Symphony Orchestra. And I pulled five girls in the meantime.

Firstly, we ate at 11:40. We had no lunch break, so we arrived a little early. We ate, and lined up against the long black table. We left the class, making sure that all the windows were locked. We sat underneath the oak tree on the junior side waiting for room 8 and 9, so we could leave. As soon as we saw them come out, we lined up at the junior girls toilet, waiting. They lined up, so Ms Naicker decided to let them go first. Then we went to the bus, but Mr Hendricks said that since there are two buses, the girls will go to the bus at the back, and the boys will go to the bus in front. We didn’t mind that at all, so we did what he told us to do. When we got into the bus, Mr Naidoo and Ms Pat said that there would be no wheels on the bus singing, no singing, and if you were singing, you would have to sing in your head. We all said ok. We got to Manukau at 12:48, and got to the Symphony Orchestra at 12:55.

Next, we got out of the bus, and then we saw the other bus arrive. We lined up, where we saw a palagi man in an orange jacket say one line here, and another line here. I went in the first line with my friends. We went into the building, and let me say, it was quite exquisite and amazing. It had a huge flower art on the wall, and paintings everywhere. I was amazed. We sat at a different place from the other school, because there was no space. Then Mr Hendricks said to stand up and line up in one line. We did and we went into the main room, where the magic and music happens. My friends and I sat near the top. I sat next to the girls, but I was happy. Because on my right, there was Lua, who is a boy.

Then, I saw lots of instruments on the stage, such as: Cello, Violin, Piccolo (And yes, it is an instrument, I’m not talking about Dragon ball Piccolo) Flutes, Timpano, Trumpets, crumpets, (JK) and Harp. There was a man presenting the entire people that are playing the instruments, and the choir director. He was the person who just stood there, and moved his hand and arm to direct the musical notes for high or low. They played a song, I don’t know what the song is named. But the choir director took this seriously. He acted so seriously, that it looked like he was doing it like his life depended on it. When the song was finished, everyone clapped, and cheered. When we were done clapping and cheering, it was quiet. Then the man that introduced us to the whole cast playing the instruments came back to introduce two people playing the harp and cello. I forgot their name, but I do remember their appearance like it was yesterday, and that’s because it was yesterday. They were both girls, one of them was Asian, and the other seemed to be a palagi. They played a beautiful melody with the harp and the cello. It sounded like an adventure into the past, a time travel with the genesis seals. And if you know where that’s from, I like you as a friend. Then he introduced us to another two people. A man and a woman. I forgot what they look like, only that there is a man and a woman. But I do remember their names. Well, only one of their names. I only remember the man’s name, Thomas. He played the french trumpet, and the woman played the flute.

After that, a woman came on the stage. Her name was Suzie Cato. She was a storyteller. The first story she told was “The Nightingale”. It was about a bird and an emperor. I won’t tell the rest, cause I’m running out of time. Then they played another song. It sounded like the rubix cube song. One by one, two by two. But in an instrumental way. The song ended, and everyone cheered. Then Suzie Cato came back onto the stage. She read another story called “The Stolen Stars of Matariki”. Again, running out of time, so won’t get into deep detail.

Finally, they played one final song, but before they did. They asked all of the crowd if they wanna have some fun in this one. The entire crowd yelled “YES!!!” Then they put I saw something on the top of the roof, just hanging on it. Do you know what it was? It includes a party and a ball. Yup, a Disco ball. Then there were these two green lights, shining their green light to the disco ball. Then the disco ball reflected the light everywhere. Then they started playing another song, but it sounded like a party song. That’s what intrigued me, made me feel a little bit of interest. The song ended, and this is when I became the Rizzler. I leaned forward and they blushed at me hard. There were three Asians, one Indian and one palagi. Those are the people that were blushing at me. They were actually the ones who were sitting in front of me. Then we went back to school.

At the end, I felt tired, but after rizzing up random girls from Saint Thomas, I feel like I can beat my brother at pulling girls.


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