Year: 2023


I like playing fortnite, youtubers like to play fortnite, we all do, unless you are dumb, then, we all like playing fortnite. The chapter we are in are chapter 4 and the season we are in is season 4, but on tuesday, the first of november, at 2am, we are going back to chapter 1 season 5, plus there are teasers about that happening in the game and people are tweeting on snapchat. Can’t wait for the new chapter, or old, whatever it is, can’t wait.

Why school weekends should be 3 days long.

Why school weekends should be longer.

I strongly believe that school weekends should be longer because I feel tired and exhausted when I wake up every Monday morning. I think that if it was 3 days long, kids will get more rest and their brain will have time to rest, so they don’t have a headache while thinking about the answer, like me.

Firstly, the kids will be grumpy and it will feel like hell. They will regret coming to school every time they wake up every Monday morning, they would want to move schools. The kids would like it to be 3 days, all though, the kids would have a feeling of wanting it to be longer, they would’ve had enough time to rest.

Secondly, the kids brain would have enough time to rest and rebuild their smart and 2000 IQ to work out the questions and answers. The kids might even learn to be patient, maybe even wise. I continue to believe that the weekends should be longer because the teacher would have time to think about what they can teach the student they are teaching when they get back to school.

In my opinion, I feel that the school weekends should be longer. GOOGOL would say that those that want the weekends should be longer because they are lazy, well, GOOGOL, we aren’t just lazy, we are just not ready, our brain is not ready, our strength is not ready. I have to wake up at 7:30 every morning. I have to watch Dashie videos to wake up properly. 

I would feel happy if the weekends were 3 days, because I would have time to spend with my family. Also, I can train for my soccer games.  I can train with my family, eat with them, and have fun with them.

The starry night

        Today, we did the painting made by Vincent Van Gogh called “The Starry Night”. It was made in 1889 June the 18th. He cut his ear off and sent it to the love of his life. He painted the Starry Night because he was seeking respite from plaguing depression at the Saint Paul asylum in Saint Remy in southern France. It is sad that he killed himself. On July, 29, 1890, he killed himself at 1:30 am because he was exhausted from working hard and the high standards he set for himself.

Learning how to send a email.

  We need to remember  when we are making an email, we need to use positive word, kind to the person we’re sending it to, helpful when they need help, be inspiring, sign and spell the words correct, and stop think and if it’s not what you want to share with others, you can put it private. How we write it also adds to our positive digital footprint.